HG Armored tape

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HG Armored tape
(Armor-wrap、Wrapping tape、Armor cast 、Armor belt. )
Size:4in × 15 ft (10 cm×4.6 m)
Applied to heat and cold-contracting cable connector in power cables,railway, mining, marine industry.
HG Armored tape with high strength ,it is made from flexible fiberglass knit fabric tape saturated with water-activated polyurethane. After 3-5minutes water-activated it can create a rigid structure with high ability of anti-bending and anti-elongation, and chemicals-resistance.
Main applications:
For the power cable industry 10kV, 35kV single core or three-core cold-contracting cable intermediate connector can also be used to heat shrink the middle connector cable outer sheath. Suitable for strengthening of cable outer and connector.


Hardening after within water or in air,
Temperature: 150 ℃,
Can be used for rubber, PVC,polyester,metal, fiberglass and concrete,
Fast hardening within 10 minutes,can be used in water,
Resistance to mechanical abrasion,resistant to internal pressure up to 10kg
Almost no tension when expanded,
Automatically connect both ends of the end,
Using high-performance packaging materials,hard breakage.
Storage :Cool dry storage
Term of validity:3 years

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