About Us

Wuxi Shengyike Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise, a comprehensive production factory integrating technology research and development, industrial medical product production and domestic and foreign trade sales. Main production products: Polymer orthopedic bandages and medical polymer splints for external fixation supplies in hospital orthopedics; armoring tapes for cable connector outer protection (industrial armor winding tapes); HG welding clamp insulation protective tape; SY pipeline repair plugging tape, tool repair Universal wrapping tape such as tape, reinforced anticorrosive tape.

     The formula production process of medical polymer splint, polymer fixed bandage and industrial winding tape produced by Wuxi Shengyi Company for external fixation of limb fractures is a technical process of Wuxi Ximei polymer bandage old factory technicians in cooperation with Shanghai Synthetic Resin The institute has developed formulas and processes for water-curable polyurethane adhesives. In 1996, he obtained an invention patent for medical polymer bandages. In 2006, he introduced Korea's advanced formula technology and production technology. At the same time, in the medical polymer bandage plywood industry in China, industrial-grade humidity control equipment was first adopted, and the dehumidification and drying system was equipped with an original imported composite dehumidification wheel that represents the advanced level in the world's dehumidification field. The self-made bandage splint machine adopts the dew point meter of Vaisala, Finland, which guarantees the validity of the product for more than 3 years.

      In 2012, we cooperated with Germany to develop a new and advanced automated production line, imported raw materials, and adopted high-quality environmental protection mesh fabrics produced by Korean companies. Shengyi products are positioned as high-end products, focusing on environmental protection, and launched the fifth generation of medical polymer splints with environmental protection mesh. Produced according to high international standards, with an annual output of 10 million bags, and the product quality has reached the international advanced level. Shengyi obtained patent for medical polymer splint in 2015. In 2016, a new production record and product record were adopted. In October 2017, the product quality was verified and recognized by the Italian ECM company and obtained CE compliance certification. In August 2018, Wuxi Shengyike Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was awarded the China Online Marketing Credit Enterprise Certificate issued by China Business Credit Platform. In early 2019, based on the fifth-generation and sixth-generation environmentally-friendly medical polymer splints, Shengyi developed and introduced the seventh-generation medical polymer splints based on the clinical use of the hospital and the production of our factory for many years. A new level of external fixation products.

     The "Shengyi" brand medical polymer splint and polymer fixed bandage produced by Wuxi Shengyi is a new type of orthopedic consumables for external fixation of limb fractures. It is an upgraded product of traditional plaster bandages and medical plaster support. It is easier for doctors to operate and more comfortable for patients. It has been widely used in hospitals around the world and is welcomed and recognized by patients and doctors. Shengyi products are exported to the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Mexico, South Africa, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, and many other countries and regions.

      Shengyi's self-developed products are easy to operate, superior in performance and widely used. In recent years, they have been increasingly applied to cable accessories for power communications, chemicals, marine, mining, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, statues, medical treatment, and bridges. , Railway, pipeline anticorrosive reinforcement repair and tool repair and other fields.

      Wuxi Shengyi introduces a scientific and modern modern enterprise management system, adhering to the business tenet of "serving human health" and under the guidance of the business philosophy of "integrity first, quality first", adhering to the "holy people's heart and patronizing Zhongyi" "Enterprise spirit, adhere to the" customer first, fast response, win-win cooperation "principle, and jointly create a high starting point and high speed of successful development. Wuxi Shengyi Company is a long-term stable partner of many domestic and foreign medical device sales companies, and it will also be your preferred cooperation.

      Wuxi Shengyike Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is located in the northeast of Wuxi City with beautiful scenery, economic prosperity, and strong light industry foundation. Welcome friends from all over the world to join us. We sincerely hope to go hand in hand with you to create brilliant!