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SY Medical Polymer Plywood is a replacement product of plaster bandage, polymer bandage and non-woven polymer plywood.

SY polymer plywood, using high-quality mesh fabric produced by Korean companies, 7 ~ 8 layers of glue, rigid material, high strength. Adhesive antibacterial and breathable non-woven cushion cover is sturdy and safe, comfortable and durable, and easy to operate.

Medical polymer splint Product catalog, category: Class I, 6810 -13-Other instruments for orthopedics (orthopedics)-Auxiliary tools for wound surgery

Intended use, scope of application: Orthopedics for external fixation of fractures, orthopedics.

The doctor's operation is more convenient: when operating the splint, the doctor does not need to wear gloves, heating equipment, or immersion in water. The splint liner is used as a water container. The thick cushion layer fits the fracture site, is shaped into a semicircular tube, and is wound and tied with a self-adhesive elastic bandage. It only takes 3 minutes to cure and 10 minutes to cure.

Patients are more comfortable to use: light, sturdy, more breathable, convenient and comfortable, and bathable. After the fracture is reduced, the patient can adjust the tightness of the splint by himself, which is more comfortable. The plywood comes with a high water-repellent, breathable, antibacterial, moisture-proof, and mildew-resistant non-woven fabric. The thick non-woven pad is soft and comfortable. The middle layer of plywood is coated with 7 ~ 8 layers of mesh cloth, which has high strength and good air permeability. The patient can release the splint by himself, wipe and dry the affected part in the bath, and then tie the splint, which is convenient, comfortable and more humane.


1. Without gloves, the splint should not be soaked in water after unpacking. The plywood cloth sleeve was used as a water container, and tap water at room temperature was poured into the inner layer for 3 seconds from the opening of the plywood sleeve.

2. Discard the water and wipe off any excess water. The thick padded layer on the inside of the dry splint is applied to the affected part inward and shaped into a semicircular tube.

3. If the splint is long, don't cut it. Flip the splint out from both ends outwards and fold it 180 degrees into a double layer.

4. The upper limb is fixed with a piece of splint on the lower part of the fracture site. The lower limbs are fixed with two pieces of splint, plasticized into two semi-circular tubes, and the opposite side surrounds the affected part.

5. Finally, gauze or elastic self-adhesive bandages are used to spirally wrap the splint, which is tight and moderately tight.

6. The operation only takes 3 minutes. The affected part cannot move freely within 10 minutes before hardening, and can bear weight after 15 minutes.

Operation flow chart: Irrigation water in the splint sleeve-> pour and wipe water-> fit and shape-> twine binding

Transportation conditions and methods: It can be transported by general transportation means. During transportation, it should be anti-hoop, anti-rain, anti-sun, and anti-stress.

Storage conditions: The plywood after packaging should be stored in a well-ventilated, dry and clean room.

Production date and use period: See product packaging for production date. The packaged plywood is valid for three years from the date of production under the conditions of transportation and storage.

Operation flowchart






Performance characteristics: Medical polymer splint has the advantages of easy to use, easy to shape, fast hardening, high hardness, light weight, good air permeability, not afraid of water, no need to remove X-ray radiographs, clean and durable, comfortable and safe. Non-sticky, disposable, meet medical requirements. It is easier for doctors and more comfortable for patients.



Model / Specification

Basic size

(width x length)

Packing quantity

(n bags / 2 boxes / 1 box)

Applicable crowd parts



7.5 cm × 30 cm


Child or adult short arm



7.5 cm × 90 cm


Child or adult long arm



10 cm × 40 cm


Short arms, short legs



10 cm × 50 cm


Long arms, short legs



10 cm × 75 cm


Long arms, long legs



12.5 cm × 75 cm


Long arms, long legs



12.5 cm × 115 cm


Long legs



15 cm × 75 cm


Long legs



15 cm × 115 cm


Long legs

Common models / specifications of plywood: from the amount of use are: SS420, SS630, SS312

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