What is the usage time of polymer splint?


The polymer splint forms a rigid plate-like structure between the fractured end and the surrounding ribs. Without completely restricting the thorax movement, the movement of the fractured end with breathing, coughing and other movements is restricted, and there are no secondary injuries locally, and the pain will be greatly reduced. So as to achieve pain relief, restore respiratory function, reduce the incidence of lung infections.

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Wuxi S&Y Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise, a comprehensive production factory integrating technology research and development, industrial medical product production and domestic and foreign trade sales. The main products are: polymer fixed bandages and medical polymer splints for external fixation supplies of orthopedics in hospitals;

Let ’s share the usage time of polymer splint below.

The polymer splint can be pasted for more than 7-10 days. An epiphysis was formed a week later. The pain can disappear basically. Rib fractures generally only need a set of polymer splints. In special cases, follow the doctor's order.

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