What symptoms does polymer splint apply to?


Polymer splint is a special synthetic polymer polyester low-temperature thermoplastic plate. It is a new type of medical material processed by a series of physical and chemical methods. It is used for the production of orthopedic external fixation, orthoses and braces.

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Wuxi S&Y Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise, a comprehensive production factory integrating technology research and development, industrial medical product production and domestic and foreign trade sales. The main products are: polymer fixed bandages and medical polymer splints for external fixation supplies of orthopedics in hospitals;

Let ’s share the symptoms of polymer splint below.

① Fixation after reduction of fracture and joint dislocation; fixation of soft tissue injury such as joint ligament and nerve tendon injury after surgery.

② Joint deformity, nerve paralysis and tendon injury after orthopedic fixation.

③ Acute and chronic inflammation of joints, and fixation of acute inflammation of limb soft tissues.

④ Bone, joint tuberculosis, acute and chronic osteomyelitis, septic arthritis, primary bone tumor, malignant tumor bone metastasis, etc. during conservative treatment or after lesion removal.

⑤ Burn and other fixation after plastic surgery.

⑥ Make rehabilitation braces and orthopedic braces.

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